Although I love reading non fiction, my own personal journey often leads me beyond the confines of psychology books and research journals. It’s in these spaces that I’ve seen firsthand that life’s greatest lessons can come from unexpected places. And guess what? The novel “One Day” is like a goldmine of wisdom just waiting to be unearthed! With the new TV series out, I couldn’t help but dive into the heartfelt insights inspired by the lives of Emma and Dexter. These pearls of wisdom aren’t just about their story—they’re about shaping our journey as parents and nurturing brilliant minds and resilient spirits in our kids.

Cherishing The Journey

So, parenting… it’s like one wild rollercoaster ride, right? From those sleepless nights to the heartwarming milestones, it’s all part of the adventure we’re on with our little munchkins. Just like Emma and Dexter, we’re all on this journey of growth and discovery.

I take this book to be a reminder that there is a simple beauty in embracing the chaos that can come with parenthood and celebrating every little victory, no mater how small. Life to many, is made up of the day to day with a mix of big experiences, you know the ones you will never forget. Not necessarily because they were that amazing to anyone else but because they played all the right emotions in you and found permanent residence in your memory banks. In 50 years, looking back at your life you will have the values and beliefs from the day to day life you shared but those epic experiences like your first family camping trip together or your first time at a theme park, those will be memories that will last not just for you but for them too. Make sure to plan some epic experiences with your little ones, even one a year is 50 amazing memories to look back on in 50 years time.

An Authentic Approach

The next theme that is so abundant in ‘One Day’, is that of authenticity, well for the most part! Just like Emma and Dexter’s friendship, our relationships with our kids thrive on love, trust, and lots of laughter. Just as Emma and Dexter’s friendship blossomed on a bedrock of sincerity, our relationships with our children flourish in a similar manner. We have the ability to create an environment where our kids feel valued and understood, a place of safety and a home of acceptance where they can express themselves freely and authentically. Emma and Dexter chose that path, putting honesty forefront in their most important interactions. We too can choose the same path.

Embracing Present-Moment Parenting

However, life can get pretty hectic, huh? It is easy to get thrown off track. But in the midst of all the chaos, it’s those little moments that matter most. You know, like those impromptu kitchen dance parties or those lazy Sunday mornings spent making pancakes. Those are the moments that create memories that last a lifetime. So, even if we need a little practice on providing a safe haven for authenticity, we can at least choose to be fully present in the here and now feeling the love we put out there echoed back.

Nurturing Empathy and Understanding in Parenthood

But, love isn’t always smooth sailing, is it? Just ask Emma and Dexter! The journey of parenting mirrors the complex dynamics of love depicted by these two. But it’s okay that it’s not always a smooth ride, because love is also all about patience, sacrifice, and learning to compromise. We can use this lesson from ‘One Day’ to teach our kids that love is more than just a feeling—it’s a choice we make every single day. Emma & Dexter recommitted to their love in all situations. By encouraging empathy and understanding within our families, we’re not just strengthening our bonds, but we’re also raising emotionally intelligent kids who’ll navigate life with grace and compassion.

Encourage Pursuit of Dreams and Passions

Sometimes we need more than grace though, we need a good dose of grit to chase our dreams! Remember Emma’s journey to becoming a writer? Talk about determination! Despite facing challenges and jobs that didn’t fulfil her, Emma displayed unwavering determination and resilience in pursuit of being published. Dexter played a crucial role in supporting Emma’s writing aspirations. Despite their tumultuous relationship and his own struggles, Dexter consistently encouraged Emma to pursue her passion for writing. He provided emotional support by listening attentively to her ideas, offering constructive feedback, and cheering her on during moments of self-doubt. Additionally, Dexter demonstrated his belief in Emma’s talent by actively advocating for her work and providing practical assistance whenever possible, such as connecting her with opportunities in the publishing industry. Through his unwavering support, Dexter was her greatest ally in the pursuit of her dreams.

We can encourage our children to fearlessly chase their dreams, just as Emma did, allowing them to live in an environment where their passions are nurtured and celebrated. Just like Dexter, we have the option to provide our children with the tools and support they need to navigate the obstacles they may encounter, instilling in them the belief that with perseverance and dedication, they too can turn their dreams into reality.

Learn from Mistakes and Regrets Together

However, we know there will be mistakes along the way and Dexter was no stranger to mistakes! Delving deeper into the intricacies of Dexter’s character in “One Day,” we see those mistakes actually shape his journey towards self-discovery and redemption, serving as poignant reminders of the complexities of human nature. From his reckless pursuit of pleasure to his reluctance to commit to meaningful relationships, Dexter’s missteps lead him down paths fraught with regret and missed opportunities. However, it is through these challenges that Dexter learns invaluable lessons about the true essence of happiness and fulfilment. We can’t protect our children from all mistakes, nor should we, but we can encourage honest communication and vulnerability. By viewing mistakes as stepping stones towards personal and collective growth we can give our child a safety net to make mistakes and bounce back again.

The Beauty of Diverse Parenting Styles

Not all parent’s handle mistakes the same way and that’s OK. In Dexter’s relationship with his parents in “One Day,” contrasting dynamics emerge, highlighting the multifaceted nature of familial bonds. While his connection with his dad is marred by tension and discord, his relationship with his mum shines with unconditional love and unwavering support.

Despite Dexter’s rebellious tendencies and occasional missteps, his mum’s empathetic approach illuminates the transformative power of empathy and acceptance within family dynamics. Her unwavering support serves as a beacon of strength, guiding Dexter through life’s challenges and reinforcing the resilience he has within.

It is not until Dexter confronts the consequences of his actions, that his dad eventually steps forward to offer guidance and reconciliation, showcasing the potential for growth and redemption. Through shared experiences and mutual understanding, Dexter and his dad embark on a journey of healing and forgiveness, illustrating the enduring strength in that relationship.

Amidst the differing approaches of Dexter’s parents, there lies a beauty in the richness of their love and support. If your partner doesn’t parent exactly how you would provide space for them to develop their own relationship with their children, there is space for both ways to have their place.

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Unveiling the Heartfelt Lessons of “One Day”

“One Day” isn’t just a story—it’s a treasure trove of heartfelt lessons that resonate deeply with us as parents. So, let’s embrace these insights wholeheartedly, knowing that they have the power to shape us into the brilliant parents our kids deserve. Here’s to raising kind, resilient, and endlessly brilliant kids who’ll one day change the world—one heartfelt lesson at a time. If you haven’t seen it yet, I wholeheartedly suggest giving yourself permission to binge watch this series! If you would like to catch the trailer see below or click here.

*photos and trailer courtesy of Netflix