My other half is always telling her clients to write 101 lists. 101 things they are grateful for, 101 things they want to achieve in 12 months, 101 places they want to travel. The concept is if you only write 100 then the list feels complete but if you write 101 then the list is open to add to whenever you want. It gives it a life of its own where you feel not only free to add more items but also free to change your mind and take items off the list too. Flexibility is essential to a happy life.

Having just started my journey I talked to other dads to ask them how they spend time with their children. I’ve been told that learning to walk is a huge milestone and one to document

but that you never tire of helping your little one take life in their stride,

that as they get older they sometimes ask for wheels

and those wheels get bigger

then more expensive…

that sports and outdoor pursuits play a huge part in their development from a few hoops

to camping

or playing about on the swings

or finding your sea legs

and even learning about planes

some like to get their feet wet with a kick about

not to leave out that you have to work hard

so that you can play hard

and then catch some zzzzzzzz’s

and papapreneurs having such a well-designed palate also love spending time in the kitchen with their little ones – no 1950’s housewives here!

Papapreneurs like to teach their children to provide a little music and entertainment to liven up their souls

and use those same fingers to be able to fix things around the house

For me we will be moving house, shame little one isn’t old enough to help!

but the journey is going to be fun be it from his first book…..

to when I am old and grey and he one day becomes a papapreneur of his own.


Do let me know what you love doing with your children, and I will perhaps add it to my list.