As Easter approaches, families are on the lookout for exciting activities to enjoy together. While the holiday season is a time for joy and celebration, it also presents an excellent opportunity to engage children in activities that promote their holistic development. From Lego creations in London to exploring historical sites like Blenheim Palace, here are some top Easter events that not only promise heaps of fun but also contribute to shaping emotionally intelligent, confident, resilient, and happy kids.

1. Art of the Brick (London): Fuel creativity and inspiration at the Art of the Brick exhibition, where families can marvel at stunning LEGO creations and engage in hands-on activities. From reimagined art masterpieces to interactive installations, children unleash their creativity and critical thinking. By building and creating, they develop problem-solving skills, resilience, and a passion for innovation and design.

2. Blenheim Palace Adventure Play (Oxfordshire): Venture into the thrilling Adventure Play at Blenheim Palace, where children can explore tunnels, bridges, and hidden chambers. With opportunities for climbing, sliding, and imaginative play, kids unleash their adventurous spirit and physical prowess. By navigating through obstacle courses and engaging in active play, they develop coordination, resilience, and a love for outdoor exploration. There is also the amazing Palace to visit and the wonderful late Winston Churchill to take a photo with!

3. Cadbury World (Birmingham): Embark on a chocolate-filled adventure at Cadbury World, where families can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of chocolate making. Beyond the indulgence, children get the chance to engage in interactive experiences. Laugh along as Freddo embarks on an egg-citing adventure and attempt to conquer a series of challenges to win the mystery prize, The Golden Egg! With plenty of audience participation, dancing, songs, and laughter, your little ones can help Freddo navigate through this chocolatey challenge. The Caramel Bunny will also be making an appearance! Dive into the Easter spirit with their Easter Trail, filled with exciting activities and surprises for the whole family allowing your children to develop problem-solving skills, and embrace creativity, as they explore the wonders of chocolate production.

4. Hertfordshire Family Easter Festival 2024 (Hertfordshire): Immerse yourself in a world of fun and excitement at the Hertfordshire Family Easter Festival. From egg hunts to carnival rides and live entertainment, children engage in active play, social interaction, and creative expression. As your little legends participate in various activities, they develop teamwork, communication, and emotional intelligence, perfect for increasing confidence and resilience in social settings.

5. Hampton Court Palace (Surrey): Transport your family back in time to the days of Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace. Explore the grandeur of the Great Hall, stroll through magnificent gardens, and let imaginations soar in The Magic Garden playground. As children uncover historical secrets and embark on the Lindt GOLD BUNNY Hunt, they develop curiosity, historical knowledge, nurturing their intellect and observational skills.

6. Wookey Hole Caves (Somerset): Boldly go on a journey of discovery at Wookey Hole Caves, where families can explore geological wonders and unravel hidden surprises. With a new 4D cinema, an Easter Witch, egg hunts, and adventure activities, children unleash their curiosity, creativity, and bravery navigating through cave systems and engaging in interactive experiences. A wonderful place to cultivate resilience, adaptability, and a thirst for knowledge.

7. Wyvernwood Colchester (Essex): Discover outdoor adventures at Wyvernwood, where families can explore jumping pillows, unicorns, goblins, dragons and storytelling trails. With Easter-themed activities including the Golden Dragon Egg Hunt, plus face painting and nature encounters, children unleash their imagination and creativity with no phones in sight. Casting spells with Merlin and many other adventures, really helps boost imaginative capabilities. Watch your children approach the world of Wyvernwood with a sense of wonder and exploration as they meet The Captain, Princess Arabella, Tatiana Queen of the Fairies, Merlin, Sprocket and Gurt the Lord of the Goblins. Watch out for the green bogeys!

As families embark on Easter adventures, these activities not only promise unforgettable experiences but also contribute to children’s holistic development. Each activity enriches children’s lives, shaping them into confident, resilient, and intellectually curious individuals poised for success in the future.

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But if you don’t have time to go on an Easter Adventure, there is still plenty to do at home.

Easter Activities for Preschoolers (3-5 years):

  • Decorate Easter eggs using crayons, stickers, and washable paint to spark creativity and fine motor skills.
  • Bake and decorate Easter-themed cookies in fun shapes like bunnies, chicks, and eggs, allowing them to explore different textures and flavours.
  • Organise an Easter egg hunt in the back garden, hiding colourful eggs filled with small treats or toys for them to discover.
  • Create simple Easter crafts such as bunny masks, handprint chicks, or paper plate Easter baskets to boost imagination and sensory exploration.

Easter Activities for Children Aged 5-8 years:

  • Bake traditional Easter treats like hot cross buns, bunny-shaped bread rolls, or sugar cookies, involving your children more in the kitchen to develop cooking skills.
  • Plan a painting or crafting session where they can create Easter-themed artwork such as springtime landscapes, bunny portraits, or flower crowns.
  • Engage in gardening activities by planting spring flowers or herbs together, teaching them about growth cycles and nurturing plants.
  • Challenge their problem-solving skills with Easter-themed puzzles, riddles, clue based scavenger hunts around the house or garden, keeping them entertained while stimulating their minds.

Easter Activities for Tweens (8-12 years):

  • Experiment with advanced baking projects like braided Easter bread, homemade chocolate truffles, Simnel cake or intricately decorated Easter cakes to hone their culinary skills.
  • Host a DIY Easter craft day, allowing them to make handmade cards, painted egg ornaments, or personalised Easter baskets for family and friends.
  • Organise Easter-themed trivia games or brain teasers to challenge their critical thinking skills and encourage friendly competition.
  • Get involved in charitable activities such as volunteering at local food banks or crafting Easter care packages for those in need, encouraging empathy and making a positive impact on their community.

So, this Easter, however you want to celebrate let the adventure begin, and watch your children blossom into brilliant stars of tomorrow!

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We help parents raise happy, smart kids who can handle anything life throws their way. If you want parenting tips straight to your inbox to help enhance IQ, EQ, Creativity & Resilience then subscribe today.