Minipreneur is very good at numbers. We were pleasantly surprised when he started counting to 10 before his second birthday and by the time he celebrated his third birthday, he was counting well passed 20.

However, it is important to offer balance in the learning journey of your toddler, so I needed to find an educational toy that brought the alphabet to life so that Minipreneur could work on his letter recognition and sounds, uppercase & lowercase letters and spelling.

Learning Resources came to the rescue thanks to their ABC Party Cupcake Toppers which help children to learn the alphabet, make simple words using the coloured alphabet and vocabulary toppers, to improve their early language skills and communication.

The set comprises of six pretend cupcakes which come ready to decorate with 52 letter and picture toppers that help kids work on learning the alphabet, mastering beginning sounds, building vocabulary skills, and more.

Minipreneur loves these ABC Party Cupcake Toppers which are a fabulous support to open-ended play. He can match the picture toppers to their starting letters, explore the difference between upper and lowercase letters, and the online word list provides a guide to spelling simple two- and three-letter words.

If the prospect of tidying up 52 toppers fills you with dread, fear not! When playtime ends, the toy cupcakes reveal their neatest trick yet – all 52 toppers can be stored inside the 6 cupcake bases and Minipreneur loves helping with clean up as we sing our tidy up song.

Learning Resources ABC Party Cupcake Toppers are £25 from