The park and playground are where it’s at for Minipreneur. He loves nothing more than playing on the swings, slides and roundabouts. However, on rainy days, the playground is not an option so Minipreneur needed to find another active play activity that got him moving while still offering all the fun of the playground indoors.

Edx Education’s Whizzy Dizzy provides the perfect solution as an indoor active play toy offering hours of thrilling fun long after you first bring it home.

The Whizzy Dizzy has a sturdy swivelling platform for your child to sit on as they use the central rotating steering wheel to spin themselves around for happy moments of giggly fun and excitement.

The Whizzy Dizzy is great for improving hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, while also strengthening core, hand and arm muscles as children manoeuvre the moving platform.

Whizzy Dizzy is £109.99 from