Here are some of Minipreneur’s favourite picture books this month.

Poppy and Sam’s Favourite Fairy Tales by Kate Nolan & Heather Amery

If you’re a modern parent, like me, you will no doubt be concerned about the gender stereotypes that are perpetuated in the classic fairytale stories where helpless damsels in distress need rescuing by brave princes and knights in shining armour. That’s not the world we live in anymore and we didn’t want to raise Minipreneur with that kind of antiquated view of society. I was therefore very pleased to discover Poppy and Sam’s Favourite Fairy Tales. This illustrated collection of classic fairy tales for very young children is written for a modern audience with Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty and the Three Little Pigs. Delightful illustrations are provided by Stephen Cartwright who has left a little yellow duck to spot on every page. Just the right length for toddlers who are ready to move on to slightly longer stories, Minipreneur loves guessing what happens next and saying the next line in the story. Ideal for sharing at bedtime and reading aloud anytime.

£9.99 published by Usborne

Very First Questions and Answers: Why should I get dressed? by Katie Daynes & Marta Alvarez Miguens

We went through a phase where Minipreneur refused to change out of his Love To Dream™ Sleep Suit in the mornings – who can blame him if you’re familiar with the award-winning wearable blanket with legs! However, it’s important to teach little ones about why they can’t wear pyjamas all the time – which is where this book comes in. Filled with flaps, facts and an exciting range of outfits, kids will be inspired to get dressed for the day. From sports kits and superhero costumes to coats and wellies, this delightful book makes getting dressed fun.

£7.99 published by Usborne

Count to Ten and Back Again by Felicity Brooks & Magali Mansilla

I was so excited when Minipreneur learned to count to 10… even more so since he was only the tender age of 2 years old. However, learning numbers is more than simply reciting them in order. To help him gain a complete grasp of the concept of numbers and counting, I reached for this book. Little ones learn to count to 10 by lifting the flaps of this appealing board book to find one bee, two croaking frogs, and many more animals. There’s a little surprise at the end of the book with encouragement to count back down from 10 to zero – a skill that even the cleverest children sometimes find hard to master.

£9.99 published by Usborne

Peep Inside How a Fire Engine Works by Lara Bryan & Caroline Attia

You’ve probably heard me say this one or twice… Minipreneur LOVES fire engines! So I just had to get him this book when I heard it had just been published. It’s an action-packed non-fiction book exploring the inner workings of a fire engine where little ones can peep into the cab, roll out the hoses and slide out the ladder to find out how it works. Truck-obsessed toddlers like Minipreneur will love all the details to spot, flaps to lift and holes to peep through. This book encourages young children to ask questions and builds learning confidence.

£7.99 published by Usborne

I’m Not (Very) Afraid of Being Alone by Anna Milbourne & Sandra de la Prada

Separation anxiety wasn’t something that affected Minipreneur but I know it is common in many young children. If that’s your life right now, then this is the book for you and your little one. Sweetly told from the little girl’s perspective, this story explores that worry in a gentle, humorous way, coming to a comforting conclusion that might help allay any similar fears your little one may have. Beautiful laser-cut doorways and threads of connection illustrate her feelings throughout the book. The little girl and her family are brought warmly to life in the gorgeous, characterful artwork.

£12.99 published by Usborne