Here are some of Minipreneur’s favourite picture books this month.

Hungry Animals by Carly Madden & Natalie Marshall

Little ones are presented with a series of bright and engaging wild animals, each with their mouth open (a v-fold pop-up), eagerly awaiting a tasty treat. The child can choose which snack (a ‘dangly’ hanging from the spine of the book) they will feed to each safari animal. Minipreneur loved this hands-on activity book and keeps returning to it time and again.

£7.99 published by Happy Yak

5 Wild Animals illustrated by Margaux Carpentier

This innovative book uses finger trails with sliding discs to introduce young children to the numbers 1 to 5. Children can count the animals on each page and trace their fingers over the numbers. Perfect for developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Minipreneur can now count up to 30 but he still finds time to enjoy this book which will also help develop pre-writing skills.

£11.99 published by Happy Yak

Sleeping Beauty illustrated by Cynthia Alonso

Minipreneur – like most toddlers – can have a short attention span when it comes to reading long fairytales so when I first saw this exquisite board book, I simply had to get it. Sleeping Beauty illustrated by Cynthia Alonso introduces the classic story to the youngest children with engaging text, beautiful illustrations, and die-cut and layered pages. Clever abridged, modern text matches the beautiful, bright contemporary illustrations.

£9.99 published by Happy Yak

Croc O’Clock by Huw Lewis Jones & Ben Sanders

Minipreneur started to show an interest in telling the time from an early age. I think it was when he saw Papapreneur’s watch collection! As he began to be able to tell the time on the hour when he was just two, I found this book was invaluable in getting him excited about his emerging abilities with clocks. Croc O’Clock is a hilarious sing-a-long counting book starring a very hungry crocodile. Providing a unique, alternative spin on a familiar song, this delightfully silly story is contemporary, quirky and playful – kids will love to follow Croc’s antics and sing along with him as he guzzles all the food he can snap up. The illustrations are stylish, bright and eye-catching whilst the tone is light-hearted, accessible and funny with clever rhyme that helps children practise counting skills.

£6.99 published by Happy Yak


My Beautiful Voice by Joseph Coelho & Allison Colpoys

This beautifully illustrated and powerful book shows children that everyone’s voice can be powerful and beautiful, however small. Written by poet and playwright Joseph Coelho with Allison Colpoys’ gorgeous artwork on every page, the picture book encourages empathy in young children and shows shy children how to feel brave. The book is also a nod to the role that teachers play in shaping children’s lives and self-confidence. Minipreneur really enjoys listening to this story at bedtime.

£11.99 published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books