Minipreneur is learning about recycling and saving the planet by making sustainable choices so he was really keen to find out more about shoes said to be made of pineapple leaves.

Pip & Henry is a British children’s footwear brand that makes high-quality, sustainably produced and stylish children’s shoes. All its shoes and packaging are eco-friendly. The packaging materials are recyclable, and the shoes are made of materials like organic cotton, recycled TPR soles, and a material that looks and feels like leather but is actually made of pineapple leaves.

The shoes are made in India in a factory with high social standards. This means the people who are working on Pip & Henry footwear are paid fairly, have a good working environment and good living standards. With such credentials, these shoes definitely get the thumbs up from Papapreneur and Minipreneur loves the quirky design featuring dinosaurs.

Pip & Henry show that a footwear brand can help Minipreneurs take their first steps into the world a bit more mindfully, treat everyone involved more fairly, have a minimal environmental impact and still offer products that are beautiful, comfortable and fun!

Pip & Henry shoes are £75 from