Here are some of Minipreneur’s favourite picture books this month.

Speak Out, Leonard! by Jessie James & Tamara Anegon

As part of DK’s increasing range of picture books, this quirky illustrated book for 3 to 5 year olds tells a story about a shy shrew who struggles to be heard as he searches for the courage to speak up. The book features a strong message about speaking up and the importance of standing up for yourself and to bullies. You may recall that we reviewed the first title in the series, Look Out, Leonard!, which has gone on to receive favourable reviews and has sold over 400 copies in the UK since its release.

The leading character Leonard is a bit of a clueless and softly spoken shrew who is shy and finds it hard to make his voice heard. This sometimes means he misses out on some of the exciting experiences life has to offer like tasty seed snacks, playing games with the other children at break time, or being the first in the class to answer a question he knows he has the answer
to. But when Leonard sees a friend being picked on by a bully in the playground, he needs to find the courage to speak out and save the day.

Speak Out, Leonard! aims to encourage self-awareness, confidence, compassion, and empathy in little ones and to help them understand the importance of using your voice to speak out against injustice. This makes it an invaluable addition to your child’s bookshelves and Minipreneur enjoyed the positive message about standing up for yourself and others in the face of bullies.

Speak Out, Leonard! by Jessie James & Tamara Anegon is £6.99, published by DK

Animal Teams illustrated by Charlotte Milner

Animal Teams explains how animals work together to survive and thrive in the wild, and teaches children how important teamwork is, no matter how big or small a creature you are. This non-fiction book takes young readers through a range of habitats, from snowy mountains to colourful coral reefs, to discover different groups of animals and how they work together to survive in their environments. Children will learn fascinating facts along the way. For example, one of the facts that Minipreneur learned was that flying in flocks means birds can sleep as they fly.

Charlotte Milner’s stunning illustrations blend with photographs to create engaging animal scenes that children will love to pore over again and again, spotting something new every time. Combined with gentle learning and simple, lyrical text, Animal Teams the perfect reading and learning experience.

Animal Teams is unique in its ability to educate children about the animal kingdom whilst also teaching them about the importance of teamwork in their own lives too.

Animal Teams illustrated by Charlotte Milner is £6.99, published by DK

Every Day by Gareth Peter & Jane Massey

Every Day is written by Gareth Peter, author of the much-loved picture book My Daddies, and is a celebration of fatherhood in all its forms. Gareth is passionate about children’s literacy and promoting diversity through his writing. With charming illustrations from talented Jane Massey, this is a gorgeous book that makes the perfect gift for any fathers of little ones.

The book features a father and his child on a day that is full of the everyday things that make life special. From silly stories and jokes to upsets and frustrations, this irresistible picture book is a celebration of the unconditional love between fathers and their children. Minipreneur loved the gentle rhyming text that’s perfectly reassuring and delightful illustrations. This is a perfect book to read aloud at bedtime or any time during the day when papapreneurs want to connect with their minipreneurs.

Every Day by Gareth Peter & Jane Massey is £6.99, published by Bloomsbury Children’s Book

Thank You for the Little Thing by Caryl Hart and Emily Hamilton

Thank You for the Little Things is an uplifting, reassuring picture book that is the perfect antidote to worries and anxiety. It encourages little ones to see the world in a mindful way with gorgeous illustrations by up-and-coming picture book illustrator Emily Hamilton.

Written by bestselling author Caryl Hart, the book is filled with warmth, humour and understanding making it perfect for our uncertain times, or any time when worries abound. With messages of practising gratitude and mindfulness, this story taps into timely discussions about mental health and managing our feelings. Minipreneur enjoyed listening to this book at bedtime and discussing the little things that he was grateful for before he drifted off to sleep.

Thank You for the Little Thing by Caryl Hart and Emily Hamilton is £12.99, published by Bloomsbury Children’s Book

This Tree is Just for Me by Lucy Rowland & Laura Hughes

This Tree is Just For Me is a delightfully charming and uplifting tale of friendship and sharing that will delight children and parents alike. Minipreneur loved the charming rhyming text by rising picture book star Lucy Rowland and exploring the gorgeous, bright artwork by bestselling picture book talent Laura Hughes who is also the illustrator of We’re Going on an Egg Hunt.

The text promotes the benefits of inclusive play and is packed with animal favourites including tigers, bears, alligators and more. Lucy Rowland is a rising star of the picture book world. Her charming, energetic and irresistible rhyming stories are becoming firm favourites with children everywhere. This book is also perfect for fans of Allan Ahlberg and Helen Oxenbury.

This Tree is Just for Me by Lucy Rowland & Laura Hughes is £6.99, published by Bloomsbury Children’s Book