Minipreneur loves playing cops and robbers with the baddies always being bank robbers – he knows that’s where the big bucks are!

So you can imagine his delight when he unwrapped the Hape Metro Police Department Playset – it has everything he would every need for some serious imaginative play where good always triumphs over evil.

The Hape Metro Police Department Playset is a feature-packed police station playset made of wood and plastic elements offering children hours of fun playing cops and robbers.

The two-level wooden station features a jail cell with an opening door (that can be locked with a teeny tiny key!), an office, a wooden helicopter with its own landing pad, a wooden police car with parking space, a police officer figure and a prisoner figure with poseable arms and legs so they can stand, sit and turn their heads.

There are also loads of accessories to bring the playset to life including searchlight, speaker, flag, walkie-talkies, roadblock cone and even a police dog! Plus, there’s a real alarm which sounds and lights up when you push the button.

The Hape Metro Police Department Playset is £72.95 from