Minipreneur loves anything on wheels and he also loves building things. So you can imagine how delighted I was to discover the Design & Drill® Bolt Buddies® from Learning Resources.

The Design & Drill® Bolt Buddies® Pick-It-Up Truck allows Minipreneur to build his own truck, play with it, dismantle it and then start all over again.

This truck building toy teaches early STEM and construction skills which is so important for both little boys and girls. Minipreneur uses the real working drill to build his truck and add the Bolt Buddy to the driver’s seat.

The clear plastic scoop is then used to collect and carry bolts (or anything else Minipreneur can think of!). He then lifts the arms up and watches the little objects drop into the truck bed.

For those looking to reduce unnecessary waste, the box that the toy comes in turns into a reusable playset by turning it inside out for hours of fun.

The Design & Drill® Bolt Buddies® Pick-It-Up Truck is £36 from